Friday, June 29th – Sunday, July 1st, 2012.

Location to be announced!



Volunteer for a job!
Great grandchild or not, you can participate in the planning and execution of the event. If there’s something you want to do and know you can do well, please come forward! There are several jobs that we do not have committee chairs for. These jobs are not overwhelming, but do need someone in charge of them. There are two categories of jobs: jobs that need to be done in preparation for the reunion, and jobs to be done during the reunion. It’s your reunion – you can make a difference! Take a look at the opportunities listed below and get involved!

To volunteer, follow the instruction under the job you wish to volunteer for, and then complete the e-mail message indicating your contact information and how you can help. Thanks for your enthusiasm!

Help Prepare for the Reunion

Encourage Branch Family Members to Attend
Everyone can help the reunion effort by spreading the word and encouraging their family members to attend! Although all family members (those we have addresses for!) will recieve a written invitation, a personal invitation is always much more likely to influence them to come. Please reach out to your family and let them know we want them there!

Help Obtain and Update Family Addresses and E-Mails
We have contact information for the majority of the second and third generations (Noah & Pebble’s children and grandchildren), but are missing information on some of the fourth and fifth generation, and any new members of the sixth generation. We really need to reach out to these younger generations, get their contact information, and let them know that we would really like to see them at the reunion.

Additionally, although many people have access to a computer and have e-mail addresses, we only have record of a few, and several of those are out of date. We would like to be able to split our contact list into two lists: “mail contact” and “e-mail contact”. This would greatly cut down on printing and mailing costs, and allow family members to choose the method of contact that best fits their lifestyle.

We need people who enjoy getting to know their family and also enjoy a little detective work to volunteer for this job. It is a great way to meet other family members and build friendships. If you can help, please send an email with a note saying you are willing to help contact other family members, or to provide us with your personal updated contact information.

Submit A Family Story
This activity and the following games have been added to our agenda in order to promote a dialogue between the older and younger generations, and to increase everyone’s familiarity with our ancestors! If you have a story about one of our ancestors and would like to read it during this time, please bring a written copy and keep it to three minutes or less. They can be about any subject or generation, but we would like to focus on the second generation (Noah & Pebble’s children) and third generation. They will be read by the submitter (or someone else if they wish to delegate) on Saturday afternoon, during the 15 minutes after we announce the winner of the dessert contest. Please contact us and send us your story.

Provide Family Genealogy Updates
We love to hear about the new faces in the family, both from births and marriages. To pass this information, as well and death and divorce records, along to the Genealogy Officer, Stephanie (Nini) Lunsford McCarroll, please send an email.

Submit Ancestral Family Photos
Although Stephanie (Nini), has many ancestral photos in our family books, we know there are others out there and would like to display some of them on this website. Anyone who would like to submit an ancestral photo for the website, please scan it at a 96dpi (not higher than 300) and save it in .jpg or .gif format, and then e-mail it to us. Please be sure to list the names of the people pictured, and the approximate date if you have that information. Credits will be listed below each picture.

Help During Reunion Weekend

Games Coordinators
We’re scaling back games in 2012.  Don’t worry, we’ll still have horse shoes, skipbo, yahtzee, pepsi guzzling, and kids games. We need a few people to organize the activities which entails coordinating the sign-up and keeping tally of scores.  Please send us an email to help out with games.

Set up Tables & Chairs
We will be setting up tables and chairs at the location the morning of the event at 10:00am. Anyone who can help, please click email us to let us know you are coming!

Potluck and Desserts
We can significantly cut our costs if several family members bring a variety of potluck items to share. It can be an appetizer, chips & dips, a salad or other veggie dish, fresh fruit, beverages, or whatever is your specialty!
Once again, we plan to have the dessert contest on Saturday afternoon and we would love to taste your sweet creations! Yum!
Think about what you would like to contribute and closer to the event we will begin a discussion thread where you can post what you plan to bring so we can make sure all our bases are covered.

Family Photographer & Videographer
We don’t officially have a family photographer or videographer and we thought it would be fun to have one! The pictures and video that are taken would be added to the website for download and distribution. Volunteer to record history by emailing us!

Help Clean Up!
Even though we always elect a Clean-up Committee Chair, they usually end up doing a lot of the work themselves. Plan to help out this year’s Clean-Up Committee by picking up throughout the event and staying a few minutes after the reunion to put up chairs, take down signs, clean-up food areas, etc. It only takes a few minutes, and many hands make quick work!

Finally, if you would like to volunteer your time and skills before, during, or after the event in any other way not listed here, please send an email with a brief description of how you would like to contribute.



The intention of this website is to bring the family together so we can share and stay informed about family events.  If you do not wish to have your name or photo on this website, please let us know.  We honor your right to privacy.


If you have tasty recipes you’d like to share with the family, this is the place to do it! Please leave a comment with ingredients, measurements, and instructions. Thanks!

1992 Reunion

Pebble Doska Lunsford - aka. Mama, Granny, Grandma, Great Granny, Great Great Grandma. She was the Greatest!

The Siblings - Left to Right: Lynette, Pete, Sug, Betty, Binky, Vance, Joyce, Mattie Beth, and Tukie.

Vance's Family - Clockwise from Upper Left: Sheridan, Clarice, Michael, Bill, Brian, Johnny Jr., Fabrice, Johnny Sr., and Vance.

Sonny's Family - Clockwise from Upper Left: Tony, Mark, Laura with Pam, Matthew with Susan, Tyson, and Nollan with Terra.

Joyce's Family - Clockwise from Upper Left: Galen, Courtney, Keith, Joyce, and Joan.

Mattie Beth's Family - Clockwise from Upper Left: David, Jo Ann, Glen, Mattie Beth, Wendy, and Alfred.

Tukie's Family - Clockwise from Upper Left: Roger, Missy, Rodney, Tina, Bryan, Jared, Marisa with Tukie, and Shawn with Jennifer.

Sug's Family - Clockwise: Edith (Sug), Ed, Bianca with Kathy, Bruce, Ron, and Sandy.

Pete's Family - Clockwise from Upper Left: Paula, Angelo, Tammy, Chelsea, Pete, and Analise.

Betty's Family - Clockwise from Upper Left: Steve, Lisa, Susan, Bob, Jonie, Bryan, Darren, Andrew, and Betty.

Binky's Family - Stephanie (Nini), Jamie, Theresa, and Jim (Binky).

Lynette's Family - Staci, Rabekah (Bek), Bill, and Lynette.

1987 Family Reunion

Mama and her kids at the Hill Avenue house in 1987.

The grandkids and Granny on the front porch of the Hill Avenue house in 1987.

1972 Family Photo

Clockwise from Upper Left: Binky, Betty, Pete, Sug, Tukie, Mattie Beth, Joyce, Sonny, Vance, Noah, Pebble, and Lynette.

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